Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chandler's first month

It has already been a month since our sweet Chandler's birth, here is what baby girl has been up to her first four weeks of life:

*She is such a noisy little thing!  She grunts, groans, squirms, and seems generally uncomfortable after being fed.  She does not go right to sleep after eating, instead she makes noise for about 45 minutes before poor thing finally falls asleep... I cut all dairy from my diet and that did not seem to help.  Doctor has diagnosed her with reflux and I hate to do it but we have started giving it to her twice a day.  So far we have not noticed a difference, maybe it will take a couple of weeks to kick in.

Here she is at her first doctors appt, five days old

With Dr. Wilke and an astronaut photo bomber!
*Chandler is a typical newborn and really just eats and sleeps a lot with very little wake time in between, we are already on a little 2 1/2-3 hour schedule with her eating and sleeping cycle which seems like a pretty natural schedule for us.

Eat, Sleep, Repeat....

A little nappy on Daddy

*Brayden and Sterling have adjusted well to having a new baby around.  Brayden took to her, loved, and wanted to protect her from the beginning.  Sterling was a little clingy and fussy for a couple of days but that was over pretty quick.  We can't leave Chandler lying around on the floor or anywhere really because it is just too dangerous with these two crazies running around!!!


Sterling spent a lot of time here by her crib the first couple of weeks

Sterling's first time to hold Chandler, I love how excited she looks here!
Thought this was a funny one!
Brayden's turn!
We had a lot of visitors, sadly I didn't think to take a picture with most!  I think Chandler's favorites were the ones that are her size!
With her pretty friend Hollis...Don't they look so happy?!  LOL!
Chandler got to meet her sweet friend "baby Faith"
Aunt Chris meeting Chandler for the first time 
Ms Sarah getting a snuggle with our tiny girl
A month has come and gone, looking forward to watching this sweet girl grow (and hopefully sleep many consecutive hours through the night:)) 

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