Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

What a fun Halloween!  I'm really not sure who had more fun, me or the kids!  We were all just all smiles the entire afternoon :)  Brayden was very passionate about what Halloween costume he wanted this year so it was extra fun for him to dress up in his ninja turtle costume.  Since Sterling didn't really care or have an opinion we just borrowed a cute costume for a friend that worked out just perfect.  We started out with friends at our annual little block party and then headed out for trick or treating.  It didn't take long for the kids to get it figured out and once they did they were pros going from house to house.  It was such a fun evening and the kids came home with way too much candy!  We were so thankful to have Brians parents (GaGa and PaPa) come over to our house to stay with 12 day old Chandler so we could go celebrate Halloween with the big kids.

Family golf cart ride over to the party

Brayden and some of his most favorite friends!

I just loved hearing their sweet little voices saying "twick or tweet" and the way Sterling says "tank you"

GaGa with Chandler 

Gotta love these action shots...

Cruising home with all of their goodies :)

Holidays must have been so boring before we had kids...Such a fun Halloween, now looking forward to the rest of the upcoming holidays!!!

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