Monday, November 3, 2014

October 2014

What an exciting month October was with the birth of our sweet Chandler!  Here are some pictures of what we were up to this October:

BC (Before Chandler :)) 

Baby's car seat installed, check!  Rolling three deep in the second row, are we crazy?!?!
These two are always playing together these days, just love hearing their little "conversations"!

GO COWBOYS!  Brayden loves watching football, it is hilarious to hear him yelling at the tv when he watches 

Sterling still loves her babies

Buddy is still doing great in his swim lessons although his coach has had to get on him and be a little stern with him when he goofs around and plays with the other kids too much!

Hide and Go Seek is still one of our favorite games around here

Along with rides on Daddy!

I just love this one for some reason, I guess I really love how close they are just sitting and relaxing together

Little did we know this would be our LAST family pic as a family of four!!!!

 AC (After Chandler)

The Saturday after we had Chandler, Brayden had an 8:00 am soccer game which I sadly missed (the only game I missed!) He is doing so great in Soccer though, I think this game he scored 6 goals!  He loves to run and play and especially "knock ppl over!!!"  Uh-oh! :)
 After the soccer game, Daddy and Brayden came and picked us girls up and we went to our friend Lauren's birthday party at Fiesta Farm.  They always have the best parties there!  Sterling got to ride a horse for the first time, she was a little hesitant at first but seemed to enjoy herself.  Brayden wanted no part in riding horses this time, he said he only rides horses, not ponies...Hmmm...

And my kid's favorite part of any birthday party, the treats of course!!!  

 Of course we had to get some pumpkins painted for Halloween

Yes, Brayden is naked...again!  This child LIVES naked, he literally walks in the door  and strips down every single day!

SO I have to be creative with my camera angles!  

My two "bigs" are getting a lot of QT with each other now that I am spending so much time nursing Chandler:

Listening to Brayden read to Sterling is just the sweetest sound

Sterling just loves real babies too, here she is with baby Hollis 
Where's Sterling?

 I love this, Brian was changing light bulbs in the living room and the kids were in awe of how high he was!


My first outing with all three kids...HEB!  Can you see Chandlers car seat in the cart leaving absolutely no room for groceries?!  Time to get creative!

And because pup never gets any attention anymore!  Mia has taken a liking to the boppy, she fits perfectly in the little hole!

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