Sunday, December 30, 2012

Brayden at 19-20 months

Wow, we have been crazy busy getting ready to and moving into the house that I missed Brayden's 19 month post!  So here is an update of the past couple of months.  I feel like Brayden has grown up so much over the past two months, doing, saying, and understanding so much more!  It is so much fun to watch him grow and learn and makes us such proud parents :)  The biggest change over the past couple of months is the expansion of Brayden's vocabulary.  He is trying to say and repeat lots of words and can often answer a question using the correct word.  I have to admit his favorite word lately is probably "treat"!  Brian and I think that Brayden definitely got our sweet tooth!!  The other day he came running out of the pantry with a bag of marshmallows saying "treat, treat, treat"!    

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking:

Yes we bought this boy a potty!  Right at about 18 months we went ahead and bought him a potty just to introduce it and have it in the bathroom for him to see.  We thought we would try it out one night before his bath just to see what happened.  Well, that first night he went potty in his potty!  Ever since we have been encouraging him to go before his nightly bath.  I would say that he goes about 6 nights a week and has gone one other time during the day.  Once we get settled in the house we are going to get serious about real potty training, hopefully before his sister gets here!


Yes, he is running around on top of the pool table!  He pushed his stool right up to it and climbed on!
He finally let someone take him on a tractor ride!  He loves the tractor  but was always scared whenever anyone started it.  Well Grandma gave it a try and he loved it :)

Grandma Torres came in town to visit!  

Buddy still loves a wagon ride

Brayden got his first shiner!
LOVES bounce houses and trampolines!

LOVES sweet Colten and Cooper :)

Breakfast with Santa with Grandma and PaPa Barron
Still loves playing at the gym.  Several times lately this pregnant mama has had to crawl to the top of this thing to retrieve her son who would not come down!!!

Our animal lover...

Everyday gets more and more fun around here with this funny wild child running around!  

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