Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Pictures 2012

We had our very talented friend Kim with modern bebe designs take our Christmas pictures again this year.  I have to admit it was a lot easier to take Brayden's picture last year when he didn't have a choice but to just sit there.  Brayden as a toddler of course does not want to sit still or look at the camera or do any pose but Kim still managed to get some great shots!  Enjoy!  

Christmas card pic 2012 coming to a mailbox near you :)

My heart just melts looking at these next two pictures

Here we asked Brayden where the baby was, he'll also give the baby kisses.  SO. STINKIN. SWEEET.

Kisses for mommy, such a lover!


Oh if you could only see the mess he made with this candy cane!!!
Okay I had to do another comparison with last year, simply amazing how much this boy has grown up in one short year.  

Next year we'll have a sweet new addition, so exciting!


  1. These are beautiful!! Love the one of him pointing at his baby sister :) and the one of him kissing you is so sweet!!

  2. Brayden is so stinkin' cute! Loved your Christmas card! Love you!