Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brayden's Third Birthday-April 18, 2014

We started off celebrating Brayden's birthday with his classmates and some Spiderman cupcakes.  There is not much sweeter than hearing a bunch of three year olds singing happy birthday and Brayden was so happy :)

It is so funny how interested they all are in Sterling!  She loves all of the attention :)

This year Brayden's birthday fell on Good Friday so we decided to go ahead and just have his party that day.  We chose to have it at lunchtime at his favorite restaurant and place to play Bigz Burger Joint.  It was a gorgeous, warm day here in San Antonio and a perfect morning for an outside lunch with friends and family celebrating our favorite three year old.  The day couldn't have gone any better and we just had the best time with Brayden on his special day!  Thanks to all of our family and friends that came out to celebrate, it meant so much to Brayden and to us to have you there!

We brought a ball for each kid to play with

Brayden with his best girl Dylan :)

Happy Grandparents with our Tootie girl

Uncle Keithy came all the way from Colorado!

And some pretty cute friends :

Brayden with his very best friends Cooper and Colten

Of course we had our traditional double decker cookie cake, yum!!!!

As always, Brayden enjoyed his cake just a little bit.... 

We headed home with two very tired kiddos and two tired parents as well.   Somehow we managed to get Brayden down for his nap without opening any presents!  However, when he woke up from his nap it was time and it was an unwrapping frenzy!!!  Brayden loved his new toys and is still having fun playing with them, especially the remote control trucks that he got.  

It just felt wrong to not have a birthday cake so I made one of those as well and we had some after having some of Brayden's favorite pizza for dinner.

Yes I am aware that the cake is incredibly lopsided and I definitely got my share of a hard time from Brian about how ugly it was!  All that mattered was that Brayden liked it and that he did!

Adore this precious face and smile

Make a wish!!!

And to prove that Brayden and Sterling are indeed mine and Brian's children... let these kids stuff their faces with birthday cake!!!!

Both kids had to be carried from their chairs directly to the bathtub, there was cake everywhere!

SUCH a wonderful day celebrating our Brayden and his third birthday.  We sure are blessed to be his mom and dad and look forward to another year of watching him grow.  

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  1. Thanks Patti for always writing the greatest stories!! It means a lot to me to be able to watch "Ba's" family grow since we don't get to see you guys very often! This makes us feel like we were right there with you!! We love you!! Aunt Jenni