Friday, April 18, 2014

Happiest Birthday Brayden! Our baby is 3 years old!!!

My goodness, these kiddos birthday's are just bittersweet for me!  Today my best buddy and sweetest boy celebrates his third birthday.  Here is what Brayden is up to as a great big three year old!

*Lucky for me, he is still unbelievably sweet.  Brayden loves to cuddle, gives great big hugs and kisses and is very loving.
*This guy is just a great big ball of energy, he goes nonstop all. day. long...
*He is silly and makes us laugh every day :)
*He loves to play outside, he is a climber, a jumper, a runner, swinger, kicker, thrower, digger, explorer, loves to ride his scooter and other riding toys, and going for walks.  He is usually always happy when we are spending time outside.
*Brayden is still such a good sleeper.  He usually sleeps from about 7:30-7:30/8:00 at night and continues to take a good long nap in the afternoon, about three hours on most days. He is still not taking naps at school which usually results in a pretty cranky kid after school on Tuesday's and Thursday's.
*Brayden is just good, he is such a good boy.  He is a good listener and if he doesn't listen the first time he usually responds to a simple count to five, by five he is almost always doing what we ask.  Don't get me wrong, he isn't always perfect!!!  When he is misses his nap, is sick, or hungry he will throw a fit or has a tantrum but usually responds well when we take away all stimulation and have some quiet time.  Lately he has been a really good helper and has helped clean up his toys when we ask, sometimes doing it all on his own without having to be asked.
*I know we are biased but he is smart!  He just picks up on things quickly and seems to remember everything!
*He has a small obsession with bandaids, currently Batman bandaids are his favorite
*Loves reading books and learning new things
*Brayden still loves playing with cars, tractors, trucks, monster trucks, trains, basically anything with wheels
*He loves throwing, catching, hitting, kicking, rolling, and playing with balls
*Brayden is still using his nebulizer "penguin machine" every night before bed to help control him from getting croup.  We let him sit and wind down while watching Dora and then it's off to bed for stories, prayers, and we are currently singing 6 requested songs before he goes to sleep!
*He is a creature of routine (hmmm I wonder where he gets that from?!) and does great on a predictable schedule.  At bedtime he has us sing the same six songs every night before he goes to sleep...totally random but:  night night song, abc's, number song (a song that Brian made up) Ball game song, Away in a Manger, and finally Silent Night.  If we miss or forget a song Brayden will definitely make sure we know it!!!
*Buddy loves to dance!  We crack up every night watching him dance around to the Dora or Micky Mouse theme song when he is finished with his nebulizer.  It is even more fun to watch him bob his head, dance, and play the air drums in the backseat of the car
*Brayden is becoming much more independent and is finally showing some interest in doing things for himself like getting dressed and taking off and putting on his pants himself when using the restroom.  He is also becoming more opinionated when it comes to clothes and lately has been obsessed with a neon orange shirt that is a hand me down from one of his favorite friends that is still too big on him!  I had to hide the shorts that go with it because they are MUCH too big and hang down to his ankles but he still wants to wear them!

Here is a little flashback of Brayden, wow how he has grown!


First Birthday and first taste of cake

Two Years Old

Our big three year old
So looking forward to celebrating our favorite boy today!
Happy Birthday our sweet Brayden!!!

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