Thursday, April 17, 2014

March 2014

Here is a little about what the kids were up to in March:
Poor Sterling was not quite herself most of the month of March.  Starting with the double ear infection she had on her birthday it took several weeks for her to get back to being her normal happy self.  She is definitely changing as she gets older and will definitely let us know if she wants something or if she is not happy!  She has gone through some pretty big attachment issues with mommy and will walk around the house crying if she can't find me!  Yikes!  Hoping this little stage will be short lived! 
Here are some pictures from March:
Lots of mischief going on over here...

She actually pushed this laundry basket up to her high chair and ate more dinner that she had not eaten!

Crazy girl!

No words for this action!

Buddies, on some days...

Ice cream with his best girl Dylan!

Finished up swim lessons this month, we start back in June

We pretty much find him in this position at least once a day!

Daddy and PaPa took Brayden to the US Open golf tournament here in San Antonio

He had such a good time and told me when he got home that he had to be quiet :)

Sweet S has figured out how to climb on and swing on our backyard swing

Love that he is becoming more creative and using he is imagination  

These two are almost always happy when we are outside

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