Monday, April 7, 2014

Sterling's First Birthday

Well the day has come and gone, our sweetest baby girl turned one!  After having large birthday parties for Brayden's first and second birthday, we realized it is totally unnecessary and had a much smaller party for Sterling's first.  We had family and a couple close friends for dinner and it turned out just perfect!  Very little stress and not too much preparation led to Brian and I being able to enjoy our kids, family, and friends.  Unfortunately our poor, poor baby girl was not herself and seemed to be coming down with something.  Sure enough, we went to the doctor the day after her birthday and she had a double ear infection!!!  Here are some pictures from our Sterling's special day:

Brayden was beyond excited to open help Sterling open her presents.  She opened just a couple on her birthday morning and this kitten from cousins Halley and Carson was a big hit with both kids!

"Please Ster-wing can I play with it now?"

"Here Ster-wing you can play with my monster truck"
Here are some pictures from her birthday dinner:

Sterling's little smash cake

A special birthday book with messages from family and friends to read for years to come, definitely something to cherish

A quick bottle before our guests arrive

Sadly I wasn't able to get pictures of everyone that came because I was attending to my sick baby girl but I was able to snap a few quick pics.  I so apologize if you were here and I didn't get your picture!!!
Brayden is on cloud 9 here with his three favorite friends!

Sterling did not want much to do with anyone but mommy but she is always happy to go with Aunt Sarah!

Aunt Sarah, Cousin Chloe, Granny Rehkopf, and Uncle Tom

PaPa and the Baynham's

Aunt Christi, Aunt Wacky, and Mr. Kenny

Mr. Josh, Ms. Dena, Dylan, and Ms. Kim

Aunt Sally and Ms. Denice

Brayden adores his cousin Chloe, and yes he is eating his second dessert here! :)

We are so incredibly grateful to have such wonderful friends and family who love our kids and want to celebrate them with us.  We seriously can't believe how fast this year flied and that our baby is a year old.  Poor girl was very sick with her ear infection and super high fever for several days and was not quite herself for at least a week.  I was so sad that she wasn't able to enjoy her day like I hoped she would!  At least she will have many more that she will actually remember!

Happy Birthday to you our best Tootie Girl :)

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