Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy Fourth of July from Port Aransas

We had such a great little getaway to Port Aransas Fourth of July weekend!  We usually spend a lot of time down in Port Aransas during the summer but this was actually our first time to get down there this year.  
We spent a lot of time in the water this weekend.  This is the first summer Brayden has been proficient in the swimming pool and it is so awesome!  Sterling had been hesitant to get off the stairs up until this weekend when daddy got her swimming (with floats) and jumping in the pool repeatedly.   She has been making great gains ever sine and we are so proud of her progress!  
We loved swimming and playing with friends at the pool...

It's so funny watching the littles become bigs!

And especially at the beach!

We got to spend lots of time with GaGa, PaPa and Aunt Christi.  The kids especially liked fishing and going for boat rides on PaPa's boat!

Brian and I got to go out with some friends for a delicious dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Port A, thanks to GaGa and PaPa for watching the kids so this could happen! 

The kids enjoyed the bbq but especially enjoyed the piñata!  Brayden has gotten pretty good at whacking the piñata and it seems like every time he gets the chance, he is the one to knock it down! 

The only pic I got of our three in their Fourth outfits!

Patiently waiting their turns! 

Sterling actually connected this time!

We put the girls down but let Brayden stay up late for fireworks this year and he did great!  It is awesome that we are able to watch them on the balcony right outside of our front door and we have the best seats of the fireworks over the water!  He loved them but then at the very end during the finale, he jumped out of his seat and said he was ready for bed (the noise was a little much for him we think!)

Such a fun weekend!

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