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June 2015

June was a huge month for us, full of lots of transitions, new starts, travel, and LOTS of fun!

The kids are starting a new school in the Fall and they had a summer program where the kids would go and spend each Monday.  We signed the kids up hoping they would get comfortable with the school and maybe make some friends so come Fall they would see some familiar faces.  Both kids were super excited, especially Sterling since this was her first time to ever go to big girl school just like Brayden!  

First day of school!

Sterlings first backpack!

She was so proud and felt like such a big girl!
The kids both did awesome and had great days :)  The summer program was non academic and purely fun and the bonus was they even included the kids lunch!  After school we stopped and had a cold treat!

We spend a lot of time resting and watching cartoons on Monday's after school because no one is napping and boy are they tired and hot after spending the day playing at school!

June 5th was a big day for us too, moving day!  Those that know us know that we move around a lot! This particular move wasn't so bad because we were actually just moving right next door!  The selling and moving process can be a little stressful and difficult with three littles running (and crawling) around when you are trying to get the house cleaned up for showings or packed in boxes (only to be unpacked right behind you!)  But after a little drama (our first buyer backed out on the day of closing!!!!) we were ready to move into our new house next door.  Brayden was especially excited to move to what he referred to as "that store" because he had watched the whole building process from right out of his bedroom window but also because he had "helped" daddy build.  

The girls on moving day!

The only home Sterling and Chandler have ever known :(

All three of my loves on our last day at 17718

The kids played for a bit that morning and then GaGa and PaPa came to get them for a day at their house while the movers came and got us moved!
The kids were home in time to explore their new home before bedtime and Sterling found her brand new big girl bed in her brand new room!  Yes, we transitioned her from her crib the very first night here..crazy I know!  But, she did great!  Not much of a protest and was super excited about her new bed!

However...The picture below shows she needed a little time getting used to the fact she no longer had bars to keep her from falling out of bed!!

Yes, she is fast asleep like this!!! LOL!

Yep, thats her on the floor...We spent a couple nights going in and scooping up our sweet sleeping big girl off the floor and putting her back in bed!
Brayden told us "when we move into the new house, I am going to take showers by myself in my bathroom and the "girwls" can take a bath together" so just like that Brayden started taking showers independently.  Since then he will still sometimes take showers by himself but will also take baths with the girls now and then.

And Chandler!!  Remember how she never had her own room and slept in the pack n play her first nine months of life?!  Well sweet baby girl got her own nursery complete with a real crib!  She too did well with this transition and continued to sleep great in her new bed and room :)

Loving exploring the new house and especially the new playroom

The second weekend of June, a couple girlfriends and I planned a "Surprise Fathers Day Camping Trip" for our husbands and kids.  Brian and the kids had no idea what I had planned for the weekend and it was such a hard secret to keep for several months!  Brian thought him and I were getting away alone for the weekend and was pretty surprised when we did not drop the kids off at his parents house as we drove through Boerne.  We rented some little cabins in Harper, Texas for the weekend and it was a complete success!  The kids loved playing and swimming together and it was the perfect place for us to spend the weekend.  

The pool was awesome, just an old stock tank filled with water and a perfect depth for our littles!

Wyatt four wheeler was a big hit with all the kids and they were all so cute riding on their together  

Cool guys...
So wish the Papes still lived in San Antonio, we know these two would just be the best of friends!

No captions needed for this mermaid :)

Surprise for our awesome husbands/daddys!

Chandler and "Baby Faith" will be running around behind the others next summer!
Brayden had been practicing in swimming lessons how to swim down to the bottom to retrieve a pool toy but had not yet been able to do it on his own.  He did it this weekend and was so proud of himself!  He definitely spent a lot of time practicing this new skill!

Just kick, kick, kicking those little legs in the water!

It was a really HOT evening for Smores!


I don't think she took these floaties off all weekend, crazy girl!

Happy Fathers Day!!!!
And thats a wrap on one awesome weekend!  This picture about sums up the fun!

After getting home from our camping adventure, we had just enough time for one night in our own beds and a quick load of laundry before heading up to Glenrose for a weekend of fun with my college girlfriends and their sweet babes...
We had such a great time just sitting around doing nothing and getting to play with each others babies and kids!  And what a perfect spot to do it at Allies parents river house "the farm" with plenty of room to explore, feed the animals. and scoop poop!


Chandler and Hollis are going to be a handful together next summer!

After leaving Glenrose, the kids and I spent a night at Grandma and Grandpas house in Duncanville before heading back home.  We all had a great time seeing everyone and the kids especially loved playing with their sweet cousins!

Halley is SUCH a big girl!  She liked feeding Chandler and was a big help too!

We spent Fathers Day out at the Barrons house for some pool time and BBQ.  Brian and I are both so grateful for our awesome dads and the kids and I are blessed every day to have Brian as their daddy!

Morning snuggles, happy fathers day daddy!

Happy happy happy!
It makes Brian so happy that Brayden shares his love of golf!

The kids showing daddy their masterpieces!
Brian and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on June 23 and had a great afternoon/night out!  Thanks to GaGa and PaPa for watching our crew so we could make this happen!

And just a few more of my faves from the crazy month of June!  Starting summer off with a bang and loving it!

I just don't get many pictures with the kids since I am behind the lens 99% of the time, here I am with my girls, priceless!

Love this one of our little fam :)

Y'all, this $8 was the best I spent all summer!  All three loved playing in this teeny tiny plastic pool but the girls especially

So grateful for our many blessings and all the love and laughter we shared this month!

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