Saturday, July 11, 2015

Oh Sterling!

Looking around a room full of kids at a birthday party this morning, I couldn't help but wonder why Sterling was the only child in the room who could make a couple tablespoons of blue icing look like she had been playing in buckets of finger paint all morning.....  Seriously she had icing all.over.herself. and had not even begun to eat the actual cupcake itself yet!

I am sad to say that I was talking with friends and missed watching Sterling smear icing all over her body, but am sure it would have been quite a show!  Looking at this picture I remembered the last birthday party we were at just a couple of weeks ago... Again, girlfriend enjoyed her cupcake but this time less of the beard look and more fu manchu!

I just started laughing the other day going through my camera roll and seeing all of the goofy pictures of Sterling.  Her personality has really started to shine through the past month or so and she is really fun to be around.  Her are a couple of my favorites of our silly girl from the past couple weeks, enjoy!

"Something funny?!"
Stuck in Chandlers crib... 

What are you doing Sterling?  "Going potty" Why not?!  Brayden does it!!!

We got her these sunglasses last summer and since then she has broken them and lost one lense but for some reason has taken a liking to them lately...

She woke up from her nap and I caught her on the monitor search for her glasses, put them on, and lay back down!

I can't leave out how proud we are of her and her self initiated potty training!  She sure does love her "big girl panties" and loves to sing "I a big girl" usually while jumping on a bed or dancing around the house!

Love this little tooshie in these princess panties!
Oh and I just noticed while editing this post that Sterling is wearing pants in almost 0 of these pictures...I am going to blame it on the potty training!!!

Love this spirited girl of ours and her growing personality...

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