Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our sweetest baby is 9 months old!

I was just thinking oh my gosh I am going to have to plan a first birthday party for Chandler...soon!!! (insert teardrop)
Seriously, Chandler just turned nine months old and is still the most precious, wonderfully sweet baby to be around.  She is an incredibly happy baby with an easy going smiley personality.  She goes to anyone and lets me drop her off at the kids club at the gym easy, I am hoping she continues to be this easy!
Here is what our Chandler Rose is up to at 9 months old:
*Still a great little sleeper and has recently changed up her nap time routine.  She used to take an two hour+ nap after lunch, wake around 2:30 and go back down for another nap for an hour around 4:00.  Well within the past couple of weeks she has started taking one huge nap after lunch for three, sometimes four or more hours!  She is usually in bed by about 7:30 each night and wakes up around 8:00 every morning.  She usually wakes up happy and I go in and get her not because she is crying but because she is in there talking and playing.  She has also started pulling up to standing in her crib and luckily has already figured out how to get herself down gracefully.

*When we are at home she just crawls all over the house looking for something good to play with of to put in her mouth.  She tends to spend a lot of her time in the playroom (I think she likes the way the carpet feels on her little knees) but also because there are lots of colorful things to see and eat!  She is pretty independent and doesn't mind one bit being in there alone or not knowing where I am every second.  We often find her crawling up and in difficult spaces where she sometimes gets stuck or just falls out!

*She tends to also like toys that light up and make noise and they keep her attention for longer periods of time

*She is a little oinker!  Weighing in at 17.8#  and eating anything she can get her hands on!  Since we didn't start Chandler on solids until she was six months, we sort of skipped the whole pureed baby food stage and I have to say how much easier it was doing it this way!  She pretty much just eats simplified versions of what we are eating and completely self-feeds except for the occasional yogurt which I feed her.  She really likes to eat though and can take down a whole banana (which seems to be her favorite, she kicks her legs and gets really excited when she sees them) and also will eat an entire half a grilled cheese sandwich which seems like a lot to me!  She is still a great little nurser, now down from five feedings a day to recently only four.

She LOVES her brother and sister and nothing can make her laugh like they do!  It is so funny and sweet!
 *She loves the water!  When we put her in her little baby float in the pool she just kick, kick, kicks!  She also got to experience the beach for the first time this month and definitely enjoyed the water and the sand.

Here are a few more of my faves of this little beauty fro this month:

Nothing a cracker won't fix!

Graduated to the big-girl seat at the grocery store!

Poor girl would probably really like a nice morning nap in her crib but since we are usually on the go she has to catch a snooze in her car seat whenever she can!  


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